What is the British National Curriculum?
International schools in Ho Chi Minh City offer a variety of curriculums, here we look at what to expect from a UK National curriculum programme.
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Breakthrough Learning Environments Promote Wellbeing at ISHCMC
ISHCMC; An educational institution that offers a contemporary approach to learning and academic excellence with a global perspective.
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10 Tips on How to Write an English Essay if You are a Foreign Student
An English essay is more difficult than it would seem at first. In many universities (especially foreign ones), students are asked to write an essay on the entrance exam.
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Get Educated: Job Alternatives To Teaching
This is a safe space, so you can say it: you don’t like teaching. Or maybe you do, or some parts of it, at least. Maybe you don’t see yourself teaching in Vietnam for the rest of your life.
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5 Discipline Traps to Avoid With Your Children
After 17 years of being a mom and a paediatrician, I've been able to learn a lot about discipline from my own experiences, as well as from other parents. While there are all sorts of possible blunders here are five biggies that most of us are guilty of - and ways to avoid these common mistakes.
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Introducing The RIE® Approach to Ho Chi Minh City
The only school in Ho Chi Minh City to combine Montessori and RIE approaches, the Montessori International School of Vietnam offers excellent nursery/ primary programmes
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5 Reasons Why Learning English is a Problem for Students in Vietnam
Learning another language is not easy and English is a difficult language to learn as it is a mixture of many different languages. Vietnamese learners can have a hard time trying to learn it as there are not many similarities between the two languages.
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How Does Music Help Students Grow?
Students at International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP) are provided with in-depth music education that helps them develop important social, emotional, and cognitive brain connections. Helping them to successfully hit important developmental milestones as they grow.
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Did We Make The Right Choice? Homeschooling in Vietnam 
Close to six months ago, my wife and I made a choice that would completely change the way we lived. We decided to homeschool our daughters, Alizée (aged 10) and Sofia (aged 8).
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How Independent Minds Make Successful Young Learners
At International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP) we know that quality early years education builds a solid foundation for further developing the minds of young learners.
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What is the Montessori Method? How We Teach at MIS Vietnam
In the early 1900s Italian physician and educator, Maria Montessori developed the now world famous ‘Montessori Method’. Since then, the method has been adopted by 20,000 schools across the world.
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Is Your Child Thriving? How ISSP Guides Students to Success
ISSP’s innovative learning approach helps students with social struggles to find solutions and empowers them to take their education into their own hands.
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The Benefits of Early Childhood Education
Early childhood education is one of the first serious issues facing new parents. The Toddler Programme at European International School in HCMC offers an excellent solution.
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Keeping Good Counsel
Citypassguide.com interviews Michelle Parker, the Guidance and College Counsellor at The American School, on what it means to be a great school counselor
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Choosing Your Childs Education
Education is an important issue for expatriates and Vietnamese alike, and HCMC has a wide variety of first-rate international and local schools.
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The Real English Teachers of Saigon
Saigon is known as one of the best locales for native speaking English teachers to teach locals. What are the ups and downs in taking on this kind of work?
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Alternative Ed in Vietnam is for Those Who School Differently
You may know what homeschooling is but what about "world schooling" and "unschooling"? Learn more about these educational alternatives here.
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What Vietnamese Children Learn in School
Everybody rambles about how horrible the Vietnamese education system is, but what do Vietnamese children actually learn at school? Here’s what we found out.
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How to Choose The Right Kindergarten for Your Child
Choosing a kindergarten / nursery that suits your child can be tough. Here’s 5 tips from The Montessori International School of Vietnam to make the task easier
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Choosing the Right School Curriculum
Ho Chi Minh City’s various international schools offer a range of different curricula. Make sure you choose the right one for your child with our introductory guide.
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